hel's hideaway

For my 2012 birthday, friends donated to a remodeling project for me to have my own little hideaway in the backyard. Updates on hideaway projects, including backyard gardening, will be posted here!

While I sort through all the grand ideas I have about the hideaway, I’m using this time to learn and sort through gardening tips, tricks, and general green-thumbery. I’ve discovered a real love for working with plants whether I’m pruning, weeding, or arranging cut flowers. Here is an office gardening project I’ve been working on:

birthday rose plant 

On April 5, a coworker bought me a beautiful little rose plant.

I forgot to water it before leaving on Friday, April 6 and came back to a little pot of death on Monday, April 9.

With its wilted stems and crunchy leaves, it seemed impossible to revive. So, I gave it a drastic haircut. By Wednesday, April 11 it was showing signs of life!

Here are shots of it April 17 and 19 after adding some used coffee grounds to the soil.

On April 20, I moved it to a new terra cotta home!

It seems like there are four little rose plants in here. Two are doing great with their leaves and new buds along the stem - while the other two seem to be slowly fading away. It’ll be exciting to see what happens over the next few weeks!